Gemmy Industries Corp. March 19, 2003
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These Furry Friends Feature Miniature Military Might

In the wake of the great patriotism that is sweeping across America, Gemmy Industries introduces a new line of military Dancing Hamsters. These ready rodents are loyal to their country, dedicated to the mission and each is dressed for the part.

• Sgt. Murphy, Marines. Performs "Marine Corps Hymn." Dress blues and saber. 

• Sailor Seymore, Navy. Performs "Anchors Aweigh." Sailor's suit and anchor. 

• Sgt. Scruffy, Army. Performs "Caisons Go Rolling Along." Camouflage greens and helmet.

• Captain Carl, Air Force. Performs "Air Force Theme." Flight suit and call sign, 'Ace.' 

"Gemmy's Hamsters appeal to both kids and adults. And even though they're tiny, these guys pack a lot of patriotic punch," says Joe Pellettieri, Vice President of Product Development at Gemmy. 

In response to overwhelming customer demand, Gemmy will feature a wide variety of animated collectible hamsters for 2003. A product of Gemmy's unique animation technology, the hamsters sing and dance. Each hamster has a unique personality that is evident in his or her fanciful costume and musical taste. You'll also recognize the songs, which are especially entertaining when performed in hamster falsetto.

The Dancing Hamsters can be purchased on five continents and have appeared on "The Tonight Show" with Jay Leno, VH1, "Talk Soup," "Good Morning America" and "Live with Regis and Kelly." They can often be spotted on eBay, where the retired hamsters have been valued at twice their original retail price. For a complete list of hamsters, visit

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