Kung Fu, The Hamster That Started The Craze, To Be Retired

Gemmy Industries, Inc. will retire one of their most famous products, Kung Fu Hamster on November 27. On the date when Kung Fu's most famous son, Bruce Lee, was born, Gemmy's most famous son will be permanently retired.

Kung Fu, one of the most popular hamsters of all time, started the hamster collecting craze in 2001. 

The late Bruce Lee, born on November 27, 1940 in San Francisco, Ca. built his career on Kung Fu classics such as 'Fists of Fury,' 'The Chinese Connection,' and 'Return of the Dragon.' "The Little Dragon's" legacy lives on as Kung Fu movies have gained popularity after his untimely death in 1978. 

Playing off the huge 2001-2002 success of Gemmy's Hamster line, consumers will see a wide variety of the collectible animated plush throughout the 2002 holiday season. Whimsically styled and featuring Gemmy Industries, Inc.'s animation technology, each hamster displays personality through costuming, accessories and recognizable music.

Dan Flaherty, President of Gemmy Industries Corporation stated that "Gemmy's Hamsters are the hottest collectible items currently on the market. We have had several customers tell us that they think that the Hamsters could be the next Beanie Babies." 

The hamsters, which began in 2001 with six latex styles, have taken the toy industry by storm, creating a frenzied craze to buy both the new and older versions. With more than 45 hamsters available, there is one for everybody. 

DANCING HAMSTERS™ are limited edition animated plush collectibles.

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